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While NYPD and DOC candidates deemed "PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNSUITABLE" are offered the opportunity to "WITHDRAW," they are NOT informed that their psychological files remain with the NYPD and/or the DOC. This documentation can be utilized at any time in the future by the NYPD, DOC or another law enforcement agency. Only by appealing a psychological disqualification can a candidate clear one’s name.

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The New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) has recently changed its process regarding the appeal of a psychological disqualification for the position of police officer. The initial notice forwarded to the candidate will state that the NYPD “is proposing to disqualify you from this position.” The change is the NYPD’s use of the word “proposing”. It is at that point that the candidate will be able to begin the appeal process. If the candidate fails to begin the process after receiving the notice of proposed disqualification, the disqualification will be deemed final and the candidate will not be able to obtain his/her psychological disqualification file from the NYPD. Thus, it is critical that the candidate begin the appeal process when he/she receives the notice of the proposed psychological disqualification.

If you have been notified of a proposed


or if you don’t wish to be, we can help!

Too many young men and women are wrongfully branded as "Psychologically Unsuitable."

This determination compromises their ability to ever be employed in a law enforcement career. 

In the same way candidates prepare for the physical evaluation, they should also

be prepared for the psychological evaluation process.

Realize Your Dream

You’ve taken the written examination for New York City Police Officer, New York City Correction Officer, Deputy City Sheriff, Nassau County Police Officer or another law enforcement position. This is the first step toward realizing your dream. You continue with the hiring process that includes the critical psychological evaluation. It consists of written psychological testing and an interview with a police psychologist. You believe that you have successfully completed the psychological evaluation; but, you are shocked when you receive a letter in the mail that states:

“I regret to inform you that you have not met the requirements for the position of Police Officer, New York City Police Department or Correction Officer, New York City Department of Correction or Police Officer, Nassau County Police Department, etc. This determination was based upon the evaluation of your psychological tests and interview, which found personality characteristics incompatible with the unique demands and stress of employment as a New York City Police Officer or New York City Correction Officer or Nassau County Police Officer.”

If you receive this letter, you’ve been psychologically disqualified from the position you were trying to obtain. Your dream of becoming a police officer, correction officer, etc., has been shattered. Although you can appeal a psychological disqualification, wouldn’t it be better to never have gotten disqualified in the first place?

We Can Help!

Consult privately with Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq. a former New York City Police Captain and civil service attorney, specializing in psychological disqualification appeals and Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D. a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, and psychological disqualification appeal expert. Contact us.